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Jewish Community Center 1414 Walnut Street Berkeley CA 94709    
Jewish Community Center

Mission Statement

We Celebrate Our Community

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?Jewish Community Center of Northern Alameda County

In today?s world of diversity and change, we celebrate the many ways in which Jews live in community.


Jewish community centers provide a unique environment and programs that help individuals and families lead Jewish lives informed by Jewish values. The Jewish Community Center is a forum for connecting the many strands in Jewish communal life serving as a meeting place/home for all who wish to participate.


We strive to enrich Jewish life in our community by providing a Jewish center/home where all are welcome. The JCC is committed to offering meaningful experiences through a mix of formal and informal educational, recreational and cultural activities.

  • Serve as a gateway to Jewish life and learning
  • Provide a gathering place to strengthen Jewish traditions
  • Provide a gathering place to celebrate holidays and life cycle events
  • Create a Jewish environment where community happens across generations
  • Respond to spiritual, emotional and physical needs in the lives of individuals and families
  • Engage the broader community, Jewish and non-Jewish, in programs and alliances that reflect the universality of Jewish values, history and experience
  • Provide meaningful Jewish experiences in a Jewish environment
  • Include and welcome Jews and non-Jews across a diversity of life-style, belief, culture and age
  • Reflect Jewish identity, values, and history and culture in the facility and in programming
  • Provide accessibility of: location, hours of operation,
    transportation, vehicle access, program materials, building access and design
  • Be the Community of Jewish Communities through collaborations with other Jewish organizations
  • Always consider quality, consistency, safety and fiscal responsibility

Approved: November 2004



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