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Jewish Community Center 1414 Walnut Street Berkeley CA 94709    


Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center

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BRJCC, 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California

The Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center is located in North Berkeley, north and slightly west of UC Berkeley, in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. Walnut Street is parallel to and one block east of Shattuck Avenue. The BRJCC is located on the southwest corner of Rose and Walnut and extends about one half block south. The BRJCC is located just east of Long's Drugs, which is located on the Shattuck Avenue side of the block. Safeway grocery store is on the west side of Shattuck Avenue from the BRJCC. Note that (coming from the south) Shattuck Avenue curves to the west and becomes Henry Street at the intersection with Rose.

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From the North

Take Solano Avenue east (past the Alameda) to the tunnel. Proceed south on Sutter, which becomes Henry Street, until you reach Rose Street. There is a traffic light on Rose and Henry and you will see Safeway to the south on the west side of the street. Turn left (east into the hills) onto Rose, go two short blocks to Rose and Walnut and then turn right onto Walnut. The BRJCC is the large building to your right.

From the South

Take Shattuck Avenue north past University Avenue about 7 blocks. You will pass Andronico's on the left (west). As you go north on Shattuck it will bend to the left (west) and become Henry Street. When you get to the traffic light at Rose and Henry Safeway will be to your left (west). Turn right onto to Rose and follow the directions above.

From the West

Take University Avenue exit off of I-80 and head east (toward the hills). Proceed about 2 kilometers, until you are within about 3 blocks of the University. Turn left (north) at the traffic light at Shattuck Avenue. There is a MacDonald's on the the northeast corner of Shattuck and Univ. Ave. Now follow the directions above on approaching from the south.


There is metered parking in front of the BRJCC (i.e., on the west side of Walnut Street). There are also several offstreet parking spaces in the BRJCC lot which is just south of the building. Additional parking can be found along Walnut to the north or south. There are about 25 metered spaces on the east side of Shattuck Ave. on the same block as the BRJCC. Parking meters are enforced from 9 AM to 6 PM on Monday through Saturday in Berkeley. Meters are not enforced on Sundays or public holidays. Parking tickets start at $24.

Public Transit Access

Bart or Bus

Take BART to the main Berkeley BART station and come up the escalators. You are at the corner of Center and Shattuck Ave. Alternatively, you can take the 40 bus up Telegraph to Center and Shattuck, or the 51 bus from UCB campus (or College Ave.) to Center and Shattuck.

Cross Shattuck Avenue to the east side of the street (the southeast corner). Take the 43 bus going north on Shattuck. It stops right in front of Berkeley Games store at Center and Shattuck. Get off the 43 bus at Rose and Henry (across from Safeway). Turn right onto Rose (going east toward the hills) and go 2 short blocks to Rose and Walnut. The BRJCC is on the corner extending south. The main entrance is 1/3 block south on Walnut.

If you do not want to wait for the 43 bus, you can walk north on Shattuck to Rose. It will take you about 20 minutes. You can also get a taxi at the taxi stand at the BART station (west side of Shattuck). It should cost about $5 to get to the BRJCC.

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Wheel Chair Access

The BRJCC is fully wheel chair accessible. AC Transit buses have wheel chair lifts and the Berkeley BART Station has an elevator (at the NW corner of Center and Shattuck).



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